Keep the whole family connected......

Connect up to 5 devices at once.
Easily access your roamingDATA WiFi network from up to 5m away.
Our data usage screen keeps you up to date.

The family fun never stops!


Technology has become such an integral part of all of our lives and with roamingDATA where ever you are you can now stay connected, share your experiences, use google maps and all your usual other data services without worrying about the cost.

When you need to get from one town to the next or your teenager NEEDS access to social media, your toddler needs to watch a movie or your tween needs to play their favourite game everyone stays happy when you are 'on the go' as you can connect their devices to your hotspot without incurring extra charges.  

Connect Securely


Browse with confidence, anytime, anywhere.

Monitor Data Usage

Keep your costs under control.

Connect Multiple Devices

Up to 5 devices at a time with a 5 meter range.

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